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  1. Word Family - Beryl


    Bangalore, Pavuluri Ganitamu, beryl, brilliant

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    • Dravidian *ūr village, settlement
      • Central Dravidian
        • Kolami ūr village
      • Northern Dravidian
        • Brahui ارآ urā house [1]
      • Southern Dravidian
        • Kannada ಊರು ūru town, city, dwelling
          • Kannada ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು beṅgaḷūru place name: ?-Town
            • English Bangalore
        • Tamil ஊர் ūr town, village, dwelling, place
          • Tamil …
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  2. Word Family - Fabric

    May theme: Cloth 👘


    A small family, apparently from *dʰeh₂bʰ-: "fit together, fitting, make".

    Germanic *(ge)dabaną: "to fit, to be fitting" and Balto-Slavic forms like Lithuanian dabinti: "to decorate, to beautify" and Slavic *dobrъ: "good" are almost certainly related to each other. Likewise Latin faber: "craftsman, maker, smith" and …

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