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October theme: Ancient Borrowings 𒅴


Sumerians and reeds were very influential! (Cuneiform was written with a sharpened reed stylus and was the first writing system, possibly tied with Egyptian hieroglyphs.)

I love that "canon" and "cannon" are related.


cane, cannon, channel, canister, canon

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  • Sumerian 𒄀 gi reed
    • Sumerian 𒄀𒈾 gi.na gi + a grammatical ending, oblique I think?
      • Akkadian 𒄀 qanû reed
        • Mycenaean Greek 𐀒𐀜𐀛𐀠 ko-no-ni-pi cross bar?
        • Canaanite *qnh
          • Hebrew קָנֶה qané cane, stick, reed, windpipe
          • Phoenician *qane
            • Punic *kˤane plural: *kˤanīm
              • Berber aɣanim
        • ? Pre-Greek substrate?
          • Classical Greek κάννα kánna reed, reed mat
            • Latin canna reed, cane, pipe, flute
              • Western Romance
                • French canne cane, stick, peg, rod
                  • English cane
                • Italian canna cane, rod, pipe, tube
                  • Italian cannolo little tube, cannoli
                    • English cannoli
                  • Italian cannone big pipe, cannon
                    • French canon cannon
                      • English cannon
                    • German Kanone cannon, gun
                • Spanish caña cane, reed, glass of beer, tiller
                  • Spanish caño tube, pipe, drain, channel
                    • Spanish cañón (big) pipe, barrel (of a gun), cannon, canyon
                      • English canyon
              • Latin canālis pipe, ditch, channel, canal
                • Western Romance
                  • Old French chenal
                    • French chenal
                    • French Chanel
                    • English channel
                  • Italian canale canal, channel
                    • German Kanal canal, channel
                  • Spanish canal canal, channel, cleavage
                • French canal learned re-borrowing
                  • English canal
                  • Romanian canal canal, channel
            • Classical Greek κᾰ́νᾰστρον kánastron wicker basket with -tron tool suffix
              • Latin canistrum wicker basket
                • Western Romance
                  • Italian canestro basket, hamper
                    • Italian pallacanestro basketball
                • English canister
            • Classical Greek κᾰνών kanṓn rod, pole, monochord (musical instrument), measuring rod, rule, norm, principle, paradigm
              • Greek κανόνας kanónas canon
              • Aramaic qānōnāʾ
                • Arabic قَانُون qānūn canon, axiom, principle, law, qanun
                  • Hindi क़ानून qānūn law, statute
                  • Persian قانون qânun law, statute, rule
                  • Turkish kanun law, statute, code, qanun
                    • English qanun
                • Hebrew קָנוֹן qānôn canon
                • Classical Syriac ܩܢܘܢܐ qānōnāʾ rule, hymn, clerical order, measuring rod, section of scripture
                  • Classical Syriac ܟܢܘܢܬܐ kənūntāʾ plumb line, ruler, straight edge
              • Latin canōn rule, canon, catalog of sacred writings
                • Western Romance
                  • Italian canone canon, fee
                • French canon canon
                  • English canon
                • Russian кано́н kanón


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Collected English words

cane, cannoli, cannon, canyon, channel, canal, canister, qanun, canon