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I was preparing a family this week that I thought included the English word wall. But as I researched it, I found that Germanic *waigaz: "wall" connects to that family, but English "wall" is from the unrelated Germanic *wallą from Latin vallum: "wall, rampart".

I took the opportunity to do a combine-in-one post of a few small-but-interesting families with architecture words that I had done preliminary research on, before concluding each was too small to a weekly family on its own. But now, they get to shine!


Three small families: minaret, adobe, and arch

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  • Proto-Afro-Asiatic *nur- fire
    • Chadic *nVr ash
      • Central Chadic
        • Gude ŋira-ḍu ash, coal
      • West Chadic
        • Boghom nwur-ǝŋ ash
    • Semitic *nūr- fire, light
      • Central Semitic
        • Arabic نُور nūr light
          • Arabic نَار nār fire
            • Maltese nar fire
        • Northwest Semitic
          • Aramaic נורא nūrā
          • Canaanite
            • Hebrew נוּר nūr shining fire, light
              • Hebrew נֵר ner candle, single-wick lamp
          • Ugaritic 𐎐𐎗 nīru fire
        • Central Semitic
          • Arabic مَنَارَة manāra lighthouse, beacon, minaret
            • Persian مناره menâre minaret
              • Ottoman Turkish مناره minare
                • Turkish minare minaret
                • French minaret
                  • English minaret
          • Northwest Semitic
            • Aramaic מְנָרְתָא mənārəṯā candlestick, lighthouse
            • Canaanite
              • Hebrew מְנוֹרָה m'norá light, lamp, menorah
                • English menorah
      • East Semitic
        • Akkadian 𒉡𒌨 nûru light
      • South Semitic
        • Old South Arabian 𐩬𐩥𐩧 nwr
  • Egyptian 𓅙𓃀𓏏𓊌 ḏbt brick, block, ingot
    • Demotic Egyptian tb brick
      • Coptic ⲧⲱⲃⲉ tobǝ brick
        • Arabic طُوب ṭūb brick, backed brick, adobe
          • Spanish adobe adobe
            • English adobe
  • Unknown substrate
    • Balto-Slavic
      • Latvian ẽrcis juniper
      • Slavic
        • East Slavic
          • Russian раки́та rakíta willow, sallow, broom
        • South Slavic
          • Serbo-Croatian српски rakita purple willow
    • Hellenic
      • Ancient Greek ἄρκευθος árkeuthos juniper, cedar
    • Northwest Indo-European *h₂érkʷo- bow, arrow
      • Celtic
        • Brythonic
          • Breton gwareg bow
      • Germanic *arhwō arrow
        • East Germanic
          • Gothic *arƕa
            • Gothic 𐌰𐍂𐍈𐌰𐌶𐌽𐌰 arƕazna dart, missile
        • North Germanic
          • Old Norse ǫr arrow
            • Icelandic ör arrow, directed edge (graph theory)
            • Old Norse Ǫrvar Arrows (personal name)
              • Icelandic Örvar
              • Swedish Orvar
        • West Germanic
          • Old English earh arrow
            • English arrow
      • Italic
        • Latin arcus arc, bow, rainbow
          • Eastern Romance
            • Aromanian arcu bow
            • Romanian arc bow, arch
          • Western Romance
            • Old French arc bow, arch
              • French arc bow, arc, arch
              • English arc
            • Old French arche bow, arch
              • French arche
              • English arch
            • Italian arco bow, arc, arch
              • Italian arcata arcade, span (of a bridge)
                • French arcade arcade
                  • English arcade
            • Spanish arco bow, arc, arch


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Collected English words

minaret, menorah, adobe, arrow, arc, arch, arcade