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  1. Word Family - Edge

    July theme: Miscellaneous 🔨


    oxygen, vinegar, axe, hammer, hear

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    • Proto-Indo-European *h₂eḱ- sharp
      • Proto-Indo-European *h₂oḱós sharp
        • Hellenic
          • Ancient Greek ὀξύς oxús sharp, pointed, clever, swift
            • French oxygène oxygen Greek technical formation "sharp-forming", for oxygen's role in forming acids
              • English oxygen
              • Translingual O
            • Ancient Greek ὀξύμωρος oxúmōros a witty saying …
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  2. Word Family - Seven

    July theme: Miscellaneous 🔨


    This week begins a very loose July "theme" of a handful of miscellaneous everyday words, before we move into some strongly themed months for most of the rest of the year.

    For 2017-07-07, I just had to do "seven".

    All words mean "seven" unless otherwise specified …

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