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  1. Word Family - Water

    August theme: Elements So Slow 🌎🌊


    vodka, water, hydrogen, otter

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    • Proto-Indo-European *wed- water animate, elemental water as opposed to passive, standing water: <*h₂ep->
      • Proto-Indo-European *wódr water oblique form: <*udén->
        • Pre-Albanian *udrijā
          • Albanian ujë water
        • Anatolian
          • Hittite 𒉿𒀀𒋻 wa-a-tar water
        • Balto-Slavic *wandō water
          • Lithuanian vanduõ water, flow, current
            • Lithuanian …
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  2. Word Family - Human

    August theme: Earth and Water 🌎🌊


    August and September will be element themed, starting with two "earth" families.


    chthonic, Demeter, George, geometry, Daoine Sidhe, human

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    • Proto-Indo-European *dʰéǵʰōm earth
      • Albanian dhe earth
      • Anatolian
        • Hittite 𒋼𒂊𒃷 te-e-kán earth
      • Balto-Slavic *źemē earth
        • Lithuanian žẽmė land, earth
          • Lithuanian Žemyna Earth Mother …
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